Dear voter,

There is much at stake in every election. The decisions voters make in federal, state and local election are remarkably consequential. Here in Clay County Florida, many issues come before your elected body of Commissioners and I hope you’ll place your trust in me to represent the best interest of our community in every decision.

One of the issues on the mind of folks near Lake Asbury, is how to handle the contaminated “Solite” property. The following news articles will educate & inform anyone who would like to learn what a handful of concerned residents, have been engaged in to defend homeowners from zoning changes that could have adversely affected area families.

If elected, you can count on me for strong leadership in every issue coming before the Board, especially in keeping our taxes low and in upholding the pristine quality of living we all love here in Clay County.

May God bless you and keep your family safe,

Solite, So Low 2/18/20
Corporation seeks to develop soiled soil—again